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Popcorn Time is an app, and here we can get our neat, and it is the stylish user boundary for watching/streaming videos and TV Shows. Using the Popcorn, you can get all the latest movies and popular shows on the go, and watch the movies or any shows. If required you can also search your favorites show, videos or movies using the search option and there will be stream on your homepage. Check simple steps to download Popcorn Time Apk on Android Phones.

Nowadays there are many apps where using the app we can watch or download our favorites movies or videos. Similarly, today in this article we are going to discuss the Popcorn Time Apk. Popcorn Time also works very well on any Android device and mostly it is best to use the app in a tablet for its bigger screen. So, if you are excited to use this app then go through the article and follow all the instruction which will be given below.

How to Download Popcorn Time APK File on Android:

Popcorn Time APK

Thus, if you don’t have any idea how to download and install Popcorn Time APK on your Android device alright, you just follow the instruction. But before we go to those points it is very important to know what Popcorn Time is in this paragraph, we are going to learn how to download Popcorn Time app to the android device. Because there is no Popcorn APK in Google, play store. But there is nothing to worry about; the thing is that you only need a fast internet connection. So, the given below step are the step to download and install the Popcorn Time APK on the Smartphone.

  • Step1: For the first step you need to download the APK file for the android device from the official site. As we have mentioned earlier that Popcorn Time is not offered in Google play store.
  • Step2: Now if your downloading is complet then open the file to install. But as I said earlier you have to allow your unknown source to install the Popcorn Time app.
  • Step3: download the APK file to your device.
  • Step4: If the downloading is completed open the file to install.
  • Step5: Now click the file and automatically the downloaded file will be installing on your Android Smartphone.
  • Step6: Finally, if the installation is complete, there will be icon appearing on your mobile home screen, you just click, and you can enjoy Popcorn App on your Smartphone.

Dear reader, these are the step to download and install Popcorn APK file to Android Smartphone.

Best Entertainer for Movie and TV Shows Lovers:

Popcorn Time is an app that allows you to watch or play any TV show, videos, and movies on your Android device. Using this app, you can also download unlimited TV serials, videos, and movies. This app also supports various operating systems, like for iOS and PC. Going to ahead we will see and discuss some of the features of Popcorn Time APK and why APK is important to download and install.

Features of Popcorn Time APK:

Here we are going to study some of the features of this app. As we know, Popcorn Time App is free to use, and there are unlimited music and movies. Therefore this app became one of the best apps in the world. So, are you excite to know the features? Some of the features of this App are as follows:

  • Popcorn Time app provides great interesting, enjoyable facilities to the users. In this app, you can play any TV serials, music, and movies without any cost. This app is totally free to use, and you can watch any movies or videos from all over the world. Again in this app, you can also download your favorites TV serials or movies.
  • Here, you can watch all types of movies and shows, and all the shows are in the stream. Therefore it is very easy to use and run, also here you can watch any shows using a torrent file, and this is one of the best quality to watch pictures.
  • With the proper internet connection, you can start your Popcorn Time apps because to start the app internet connection is very much important.
  • One of the best features of Popcorn Time app is no restriction of playing any shows. As it is no restriction, you can watch unlimited of any shows.
  • In this app, one of the best things is the availability of videos quality. As it has high definition of video quality, you can watch any videos with HD quality. Not only for the videos but you can also watch movies using HD quality. There are many categories, and you can choose any of the quality that you want to watch. So, therefore this is one of the best features of this app.
  • While watching the movies in this app, you can watch with the subtitle.
  • In this app, you don’t need to search any new or latest movies and shows, but there is a listed name of the movies which are newly released on your homepage. It is very easy for the user to access the apps.

These are the feature of Popcorn Time app, and now we know the features of Popcorn Time app. So, now we will go to the next that is how to download this app to our Android device.


So, as we have discussed in the above about the Popcorn Time App how to download and some of the features, I hope you enjoy reading without any problems. Hence, if you have any doubt, please do leave comments in the below comments box.

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Popcorn Time for iOS [iPhone, iPad]Download Free Latest Version

Are you looking for a Good Movie and TV series streaming app, for enjoying watching your favorite TV series and movies on your iOS device? If you are looking for it then you are in the right place, since here in this article I would basically let you know about the Popcorn times app, which is among one of the best apps to go for streaming movies and TV series on your iOS devices.

Popcorn time is a movie and TV series streaming app. This app is totally a free app to use for both Android and iOS users. Here in this app, you would find uncountable numbers of films and TV series shows, where you can watch simply by accessing on the front page of the app itself, without downloading them.

How to Download Popcorn Time for iPhone/iPad on iOS:

Popcorn Time for iosPopcorn is a movie streaming app which is available for Android and iOS users; it can be download for iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, and iOS. This Movie streaming app for iOS device is not available in the app store, whereas you can install it by using iOS installer or else by jailbreaking through Cydia. Downloading popcorn time for your iOS device, you would able to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows in a great manner, since all the video of this app Popcorn Time for ios is of high quality with HD graphics.

How to Install Popcorn Time by iOS Installer:

Installing Popcorn Time iOS installer in the easiest method to go with, for the installation of this app on your Apple device, so go through the below-given steps to know about this installation method.

Here are the steps to have Popcorn Time for iOS and iPhones:

Firstly viewed over the time and date of your iPhone/iPad ->General-> press on the date and time-> Turn off ‘’set automatically’’ -> change the date back to September 20, 20014.

Now go for opening the Safari, open it, go to the website of this particular app and click on the green box for downloading the app popcorn time on your Apple device. Popcorn Time for iOS

  • At this point of time presses on the install button and start the installation.
  • Now go f0r setting the date back hit on the pop-up windows.
  • That all now you can use this app for streaming your favorite films and TV series.
  • How to install Popcorn Time by jailbreak
  • For installing popcorn time on your Apple device by jailbreak, firstly you would require jailbreaking your device.
  • For jailbreaking your device you will require a free space of 1.0 GB on your device, so make sure that you have that amount of free space on your device.
  • Also remember to backup your Apple device.
  • Now go to the setting of Passcode and turn it off, if you are going without Passcode then just skip it.
  • From here go for setting your iCloud turn to find my iPad/iPhone/iPod off, if you does not find my device also skip this step.
  • Now allow Airplane mode by setting it.
  • Go for downloading page jailbreak tools for Windows PC and connect your Apple device to your PC.
  • As you have connected, click on the right click of pangu.exe for making it run as administrator on your PC.
  • Hit star or hit already backup.
  • The device will restart when it reached near about 65% where the device will restart when it reached near about 65% where you would need to allow the Airplane mode by unlocking your device.
  • At about 75% you would suggest running the page by unlocking your device.
  • At this point of time hit will be accepted, so access your photo by allowing page.
  • This time you would restart your Apple for the second time where Cydia will be installed on your device.
  • As you had jailbroken your device, go for opening the Cydia and do press on the sources tab, press Edit, and the press Add.
  • Now just type and enter the shown URL from the sources on the Enter Cydia/APT URL field.
  • From here return to the Cydia by pressing on the given option, after the installation of Repo.
  • So open themes Repo press on data apps and simply go to the popcorn time.

As you had gone through the given steps of installation of popcorn time, now let it be automatically installed on your iOS devices.


Popcorn time is a good movie and TV streaming app, which you can install for your Apple Smartphone. This movie streaming app provides you with uncountable films and TV shows with good picture quality, and many other features. So start enjoying watching films and TV shows through Popcorn Time Android.

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Popcorn Time For PC Download Free on Windows 7/8.1/10

Hi, folks have you ever heard of the application Popcorn Time? It is just an app through which you can watch various types of videos and movies online. If you are stuck with some of the apps in your Smartphone and PC for watching videos. I guess you should definitely choose this app on your PC.

We indeed feel embarrassed while watching videos online if it starts buffering right? So if you do want to get out from these types of problems you should download and install this app Popcorn time in your PC.

Download Popcorn Time For PC Windows:

Popcorn Time Apk can be consider as one of the best apps, because of its excellent features. It will help you to search and download all of the movies and videos from the most important sites. Using this app on your PC you will be able to watch a movie or any TV shows as many time you do want to. But all you need is an internet connection wire to your PC.

The best part of this app is that it will help you to know the latest updates of TV shows and movies, as it will start streaming at an instant. No doubt with the quality that you are going to get from this app; it is all HD along with the subtitles.

Popcorn Time for PC

Well, you don’t need to wait for downloading the videos and wait for a long period, just sit grab your popcorn and start watching TV shows or movies online without buffering.

Here, I have come up to share with you about its best features that will guide you to download this app and enjoy it on your PC.

Features for Popcorn Time For PC Windows 7/8.1/10:

Popcorn time has been very helpful for the peoples especially for all the entertainment lovers. It has an amazingly cool feature that is what makes the application very famous and popular. Check out its coolest features given below:

  1. You can watch great movies through this application constantly without any restrictions. As well as it is incisive, all over the websites searching for the best torrents from various popular sites.
  2. You will also get an awesome catalog for finding the best version instantly in case if the movie which you wanted to watch is not available.
  3. You can watch particular movies multiples times without any restrictions; however, you will need a great internet connection speed for enjoying the entertainment.
  4. Enjoy watching a movie instantly on the Popcorn Time with the best picture quality of HD along with the subtittles.
  5. This application always keeps on an update about any latest movies/ trailers and daily TV series.
  6. Popcorn Time application on Windows PC also provides multiples of different languages of subtitles so you can choose your preferable language for watching any movies.
  7. This application is available with chrome cast compatible to relish all the movies or TV shows on the bigger screens.
  8. No ads or any other disturbance occurs while you are watching your favorite shows or movies through this Popcorn Times.

Process to Download the Popcorn Time for PC:

Installing Popcorn Time for PC is one of the easiest methods but however without the Android Emulator such as BlueStack software you cannot install Popcorn Time for your PC. So follow the process to download the BlueStacks software first:

  • First of all, an Android Emulator is require for getting a Popcorn Time on your PC.
  • BlueStacks is one of the best software in Android Emulator so get the BlueStacks for this procedure.
  • Hence get the freeware of BlueStacks from this particular website.
  • So now installed the application player software by making the complete download, as well as you will need an active net connection to run at the faster speed.
  • When installing BlueStacks is done you will receive the Popcorn Time APK on your PC.
  • So now you will have to turn the APK into your PC through the help of BlueStacks softwares.
  • Just simply run the file with the help of Android Emulator.
  • Finally, it will automatically get install on your PC with the help of BlueStacks.

How to Download Popcorn Time for PC Windows :

Now downloading Popcorn Time for PC Windows is easy and simple since you have already installed the best software of BlueStacks from the Android Emulator so just follow the process given below:

  1. From your website browser search for Popcorn Time on the search bar and press enter.
  2. You will receive lots of options for downloading Popcorn Time just select one and press enter.
  3. You will have to wait for a while patiently when the downloading process is going on.
  4. When the downloading is completed successfully, wait for a while.
  5. Now start the installation process by just pressing installing buttons.
  6. Base on your internet connection speed if you are using 2G connection than the installation process will take a lot of time. So for best and fast to get the process done try using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections.
  7. So, when the installation process is completely done successfully try to open the application and check whether it is working smoothly.
  8. If the application is not working then uninstalled it and without any hesitation, start downloading the application from the beginning again.
  9. If it is working smoothly, then open the app and enjoy watching unlimited videos, movies and daily TV shows without any restrictions even if you stream the same movie number of times.
  10. With the help of this application BlueStack software’s, you will be able to enjoy all the entertainment without any disturbances while watching such as ads.


So far everyone loves the movie to take a break from their hectic works. So for that, you need the best entertainment applications where you can instantly stream any of your favorite movies and TV shows so for that this Application is specially launch for all the entertainment lovers since they can watch anything anywhere at home without struggling or making any affords for getting entertainment in life.

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